May 8th: McKenzie Schools will be closed due to statewide teacher walkout

Dear McKenzie Families,


The Oregon Education Association has called upon members to participate in a statewide “Day of Action” on May 8th to pressure state lawmakers to adequately fund schools. On this day, teachers across the state will participate in a walkout and attend regional rallies. Our local association, the McKenzie Education Association, has voted to join this effort. During our initial planning for this walkout, it became clear that McKenzie does not have a large enough substitute pool to effectively and safely operate school should our teaching staff walkout.


McKenzie Schools will be closed to students May 8th


We truly appreciate the members of the McKenzie Education Association and the effort they bring to our students’ education day in and day out. We also appreciate the collaborative and open approach they have taken in discussing their intent to participate and giving the district a great deal of time to plan and communicate with families and community members.


Although we share the teachers’ desire for the state to adequately fund schools and agree that this is an urgent issue that should no longer be kicked down the road for another day, we cannot support a disruptive walkout that impacts student learning and reduces in class time.  This day will not be made up or added at the end of the year as we will still meet the state instructional time requirements even with the days lost to inclement weather this winter.


This closure, like others due to the loss of power or inclement weather can cause a great burden for families and students in our district. For some this means the loss of the only two dependable meals they get each day. For others this can mean a serious disruption to the daily routine making getting out the door and to work much more complicated. We are working to find solutions to provide breakfast and lunch to students who may need it. If your family would benefit from breakfast and lunch, please call the District Office 541-822-3338, email Mr. Tompkins at or let your child’s teacher know so we can accurately plan.


If you agree that the schools of Oregon deserve more resources to better serve our students please reach out to your elected officials and let them know. You can find your legislators here:


Thank you for your flexibility and continued support of McKenzie Schools!