Image of March 18th Closure Update Letter from Superintendent Tompkins

March 18th, 2020 Update

Good Afternoon McKenzie Community,

We’d like to provide you with a quick update in regards to yesterday’s Executive Order from Governor Brown.  As this is a rapidly evolving and fluid situation, know that things will change and that information from varying government agencies takes time to get to us and then to you. We appreciate your patience!

As we shared yesterday, schools will be closed to students until April 28th. During the closure districts are to support our community in responding to COVID-19. Unlike the previous closure order which was due to staffing challenges experienced by a number of districts, the current order is meant to help “flatten the curve” of infection. Districts are called to support in a number of ways.

First, schools are to “deliver supplemental education and learning supports to students to the extent practical through independent study and other appropriate options.” We continue to look into ways to extend our classroom from the school to the home, this may include digital learning. We have been making plans as a district with equity in mind. Although there are a few details to iron out, we expect to have learning options available to students by April 1st.

Second, districts are to continue nutrition services to students during the closure. McKenzie will continue this service and expand it to include Spring Break as well! So far after three days of operation, we have delivered around 720 meals to youth ages Birth-18 in our community. Thank you to our dedicated staff for making these meals happen! If you are in need of nutrition services for your youth please complete our survey:

The Executive Order also calls districts to help supporting community crisis response, including potential childcare for essential healthcare professionals and first responders. A number of you have inquired about this. Districts around the state are awaiting guidance on what this will look like and what role McKenzie will play in supporting first responders and those individuals working on the front line.

Thank you for your patience and support during these trying times! Stay healthy, wash your hands and take care of each other!

Lane Tompkins


McKenzie River Community School