Charter Board Members

Position 1 Mike Abrams mike.abrams@mckenziesd.org
Position 2 Nate Day nate.day@mckenziesd.org
Position 3 Fred Heins fred.heins@mckenziesd.org
Position 4 Laura Sireci Roman - Chair laura.sireci.roman@mckenziesd.org
Position 5 Stacy Rudisill - Secretary stacy.rudisill@mckenziesd.org
Position 6 Hailey Earls
Position 7 Melanie Brite - Vice Chair melanie.brite@mckenziesd.org
Position 8 Lacey Joy - Treasurer lacey.joy@mckenziesd.org
Position 9 Nancy Plemons nancy.plemons@mckenziesd.org

Advisory Members

Principal Lane Tompkins lane.tompkins@mckenziesd.org
District Board Member Alyssa Brownlee alyssa.brownlee@mckenziesd.org

Laura Sireci Roman

Hailing originally from New Jersey, Laura has lived in rural Oregon for almost two decades. Professionally, Laura is a Rural Outreach Coordinator for the McKenzie Leadership Team at 90by30, an initiative to reduce child abuse and neglect 90% in Lane County by the year 2030. She has also been the business manager for Luna Angelica Glass Art for the past 12 years. She is an active volunteer in her rural community and serves that community in a variety of roles. Her roles include:

  • Chair of the McKenzie River Community School Charter Board
  • Commissioner & Secretary for the Blue River Water District
  • Director for the Blue River Park & Recreation District
  • Member of the Blue River Revitalization and Wastewater Group
  • Delegate to the State Central Committee for the DPO
  • Member of the Education Caucus for the DPO
  • Member of the Women's Caucus for the DPO
  • House District 7 Chair for the DPLC
  • Precinct Committeeperson for the DPLC
  • Member of the McKenzie Booster Club
  • Member of the McKenzie PTA

You can email Laura at: lsroman@mckenzie.k12.or.us