Who Are We? 7th-12th Grade Students Create Class Credos

This year, McKenzie River Community School 7th-12th grade students created class credos as a part of "We Are McKenzie Week."  Students discussed what they value as a class, and how they can positively impact their cohort, school and community.  Take a look at their credos! 

7th Grade

We are the class of 2024, are the future.  Each day we promise to be kind, safe and do our best. We will attend school, stay focused on our goals and work hard to exceed expectations. We need to value each other everyday we have at school. We are middle schoolers and we value every individual.

8th Grade

We are the class of 2023.  Each day we promise to be present, attentive, and to value each other.  We are the 8th grade class and we will represent McKenzie to the best of our abilities at all times.


We are the class of 2022. The best moments in life are the small details.  The best way to live is doing what you want, how you want, with the feeling you don’t have to change yourself to be accepted. There is no limit to what someone can do.


The class of 2021 is a collaborative and lively group of students. We are strong and we value the people who have made an impact in our lives. We strive to create an environment of diversity and fairness for all!


We are the class of 2020! Each day we promise to be woke and spread world peace. We will treat others with respect and appreciation. We need to challenge ourselves to be better students and we will cherish our community.


We, the class of 2019, are leaders. We value hard work, treating others with respect, and being a family. We want a welcoming and encouraging community. We will set a good example for our underclassmen and build others up.