McKenzie Elementary Daily Bulletin November 6, 2018

The National Christmas Tree will be at Tokatee Golf Course from 10:30 to 11:30 on November 11th!
If you would like to see the tree that will be at the White House make sure to stop by.
On Friday, Nov. 2, the tree will be cut and prepared for the more than 3,000-mile journey  that commemorates the second inspiration – 175th  anniversary of the Oregon Trail – by following a reverse path of the trail. A series of festive events will be hosted by local communities at museums, main streets, city halls, state capitols, markets, retailers, high schools, and even a parade. Attendees will have the chance to sign banners on the sides of the truck to wish the tree well, learn more about the Willamette National Forest and the great state of Oregon, purchase U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree merchandise and more. For more information, use this link:   capitol-christmas-tree-tour

Upcoming Events
Nov. 6th – Charter Board Meeting @ 4:15pm 
Nov. 7th – PTA Meeting @ 6pm
Nov. 8th- ½ day students
Nov. 8th- Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences 
Nov. 9th- Morning Parent/Teacher Conferences 
Nov. 14th – School Board Meeting @ 5:30pm
Nov. 16th – PTA Thanksgiving Celebration @ 5:30pm 
Nov. 20th – 1st Quarter Fun Fest 1-2pm
Nov. 20th – 1st Quarter Celebrations Assembly @ 2:15pm 
Nov. 21st & 22nd – No School – Thanksgiving Break