Tragic Events and Support for Students and Families

McKenzie Families,

We are deeply saddened by the tragic news about a school shooting at an elementary school in a small town in Texas. Our thoughts are with the Ulvade community and the families of those who lost their lives or were injured.

We recognize that news like this is shocking and can have a deep impact on school communities. We also know that such a tragic occurrence may bring school safety and security to the forefront of your mind. We want to reassure our community that schools are safe places, and we are always looking for ways to reinforce and improve the effectiveness of our safety measures. These include securing our school buildings, regularly reviewing physical security measures, and frequently practicing emergency procedures. We are committed to providing a safe environment for staff and students every day. 

As always, we ask families to be our partners in safety. Students are urged to speak up about any threat or other information that is concerning to them. They can tell a trusted adult at school or report information anonymously to Safe Oregon via text, call or email. Always notify the school if you know of an unsafe situation, and call 911 first if it is an emergency. Check in at the front office if you will be at the school, and if you see anyone unauthorized on campus tell school staff right away. Please also talk with your students about how to be safe and alert to potential dangers at home, in your neighborhood, and on the way to and from school. Provide the school office with your complete current contact information—if there is ever an emergency we will use email, mobile phones, home phones, websites or other communication to notify you with accurate information as quickly as we can.

Events like these also raise questions and fears in children. Families and staff can help children feel safe by talking with them openly if they have fears, establishing a sense of normalcy and security, and reassuring them that schools are safe places and dangerous events are rare. If families need support to help guide their discussion of these events with their children, they may find these resources of help: 

Please join us in keeping the community of Uvalde, Texas, in your thoughts, as they grieve this terrible event. 

Lane Tompkins,