Kindergarten Project-Based Learning
It has been a pretty cool year, being in person again.
As a part of project-based learning, Ms. Diaz’s class has been studying the life cycle of plants and animals in kindergarten. 
This year they studied by incubating chicken eggs in the classroom, a project sponsored by the Mckenzie Education Foundation. 
They had a successful hatch of 10/12 eggs. They have also been able to study the life cycle of chickens in a new and hands-on way.
They have also participated in "at school field trips" for the elementary school sponsored by the C.O.R.E., formerly the PTA. With their help, they brought a pumpkin patch to campus and facilitated a visit from the Raptor's Center with a living owl. 
Thank you to all who have helped make this school year so great for these deserving Eagles!