McKenzie Elementary Daily Bulletin March 12, 2019

Tip of the Day – Brought to you by the CATCH Characters.

“Do you remember what the M in CATCH MVP stands for? A CATCH MVP stands for someone who Moves and stays active, Values healthy eating, and Practices healthy habits every day. So, the M stands for Move and stay active. The CATCH Tip of the Day comes to us from Flash Fitness, who reminds us to move & play every day! Try to walk or run today during recess.  If you’re watching TV tonight, try doing jumping jacks, or push-ups, or stretch during the commercials.

Tuesday – Thing 1 and Thing 2 Dress up as twins with someone
Wednesday – Wacky Wednesday Dress wacky
Thursday – Oh the Places You’ll Go! Dress like what you want to be when you grow up

Upcoming Events
March 12th – School Board Meeting @ 5:30pm
March 13th – C.Or.E. (PTA) @ 6:30pm
March 19th – 3rd / 4th grade Hult Center Field Trip